Frequently Asked Questions

What is Proof of Delivery?

Proof of Delivery is what happens when a package is scanned by a Driver. The time and GPS coordinates of the scan is sent by the delivery company to the retailer. That retailer may then notify the customer. Some proofs include sending a photo of delivery to the customer as well.

Why isn't this enough?

Proof of delivery only captures when & where a package was dropped off. This can't communicate how or when it was found. Packages are often delivered damaged, taken to the wrong location, and sometimes stolen. Traditional proofs of delivery don't communicate this. True delivery confirmation is only possible with Customers verifying driver data. 

What is Delivery Confirmation?

Delivery Confirmation is what happens when a customer signs a driver's scanner. This proves the package was received by a person at the delivery location. Ideally, ALL deliveries would get confirmed by customers, but signature requirements have become unsanitary, inconvenient, & expensive.

Can't I sign a scanner?

Of course you can! But our world is definitely different today. Scanners and mobile devices are both germ magnets. So a digital signature on your own device, is safer & more sanitary than physical signatures on someone else's. Also, you can send feedback about the service or condition of your delivery directly to your retailer. That transparency redistributes power from carriers and gives it back to buyers and sellers. 

What is Proof of Receipt?

Proof of Receipt is what we call our more progressive form of delivery confirmation. Customers are able to validate a driver's proof of delivery scan, while rating the quality of service and condition of goods. Scans eliminate the need to sign a scanner, yet authenticates your digital signature with a private key. 

Isn't email confirmation enough?

Some retailers send you emails delivery. There may even be links to rate and review quality of service, similar to our PackagePortal ratings. The problem with emails is that they're often opened days after delivery is made, if opened at all. Plus there’s no incentive for for the effort. But a customer scan would show exactly when they got it, and captures the rating immediately. Additionally, we can put some cool stuff in a mobile app, that email links won't provide.

What's in it for Customers?

Customers are better protected when signatures are required, & they also have the opportunity to be rewarded for their scans. PackagePortal has loads of creative ideas & prizes for users! Also, delivery drivers will treat your package with just a little more care, since you're able to publicly rate their performance. Better package handling translates into fewer damages and loss claims, saving retailers money. Which should lead to reduced pricing & shipping fees. 

What's in it for Retailers?

Retailers obtain delivery confirmation without a huge fee. This gives them finality on orders, & helps reduce loss & waste. They also gain a new way to communicate with their customers, days after purchase, upon receiving their goods. They can also use scan data to learn more about the delivery companies they choose to work with.

What's in it for Drivers?

Drivers get freed from any liability of a package when a customer proves they received it. That's reassuring as many of them make hundreds of deliveries every day. We also have plans for drivers to build profiles and earn points for service ratings and customer signups. 

What kind of device to I need?

PackagePortal app will be available for iOS and Android. Available soon in both Apple's AppStore & Google's PlayStore.

What's in the name, PackagePortal?

We capture delivery confirmation on a decentralized public blockchain ledger. This enables us to provide transparency and accountability between a Retailer, Driver, & Customer. Tokens are used to transfer that network data, & we'll license our platform to retailers. So this Proof Of Receipt Token And License is our PORTAL.

Why Blockchain?

Blockchain technology allows the transfer of value and data across a decentralized network. This means it runs on computers all over the globe, instead of being owned by the delivery companies, this enables greater transparency. Also, shipping labels and tracking numbers can be duplicated, so giving them a more unique ID is necessary for security. The Zilliqa blockchain enables Smart Contracts, & token transfers, so we will be able to automate & improve numerous aspects of the delivery process.

Why Zilliqa?

Zilliqa is a decentralized public network, that offers the safest smart contracts available. Their programming language Scilla, allows formal verification of the code; basically a mathematical filter to check for errors. They are also the first to implement a method called sharding. This allows the network to process higher amounts of transactions, faster & cheaper than counterparts like Ethereum.