Package Portal and Covid19

COVID-19 Alpha

Our world is different today. Social Distancing is changing the way we live our lives, & conduct business. 

To protect you, and protect Delivery Drivers, Package Portal has released an early version of its barcode scanner app, to eliminate the need to sign delivery scanners.



Delivery Arrives

Delivery Arrives

Delivery Arrives

Packages arrive at your home or place of business as usual.


You Scan Them

Delivery Arrives

Delivery Arrives

Scan the shipping label, then rate the condition & quality of service.


The Portal Opens

Delivery Arrives

The Portal Opens

We share your proof of receipt scan with the the shipper.  

How is Package Portal helping?

 We planned to launch a barcode scanner app to the general public this summer, but the COVID-19 pandemic changed global Delivery operations overnight. 

In an effort to slow the rate of infection during the delivery process, we're launching an early version of our app to help stem transmission where signatures are required. 

 We'll add a layer of distance between Delivery Drivers and their Customers during this peak transmission period, by enabling the customers to scan packages themselves, instead of signing a scanner.

 Because this was so sudden, we aren't made public in the app stores just yet, so we need to manually authorize your Google Account or Apple ID to send your download link.


See steps below for Android and iOS

Gain Alpha Access

Complete this form so we can send you an invite link.

After sending the details above, follow the steps below:

Android Installation

iPhone Installation