Smart Delivery

Smart Delivery

Smart DeliverySmart DeliverySmart Delivery

Safe and Secure Confirmation 

PackagePortal - Contactless Delivery Confirmation

Making the Last-Mile Safer & More Secure


Online Shopping has become a necessity. Everything is sold & easily ordered from your home. But Delivery Confirmation & Package Tracking still needs to improve. We're building a platform to provide a safer, and more secure proof of delivery, and will empower Retailers and Consumers in the process. 

But we've opened our private Alpha while it’s needed most, to offer an aid to help slow the infection rate of COVID-19 in the delivery process.

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We provide Retailers, Carriers, and Online Shoppers an alternative means of Delivery Confirmation when packages require a signature. 

PackagePortal offers safe and secure Contactless Proof of Receipt, backed by blockchain technology.

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